PyData London 2023

Keynote: Using data science for social good
06-04, 09:00–09:40 (Europe/London), Warwick

Keynote with Lisa Carpenter and Antonio Campello

Despite providing essential services, the social sector isn't yet making full use of data science to shape its services and maximise its impact. DataKind UK exists to support charities to do just that. We exist to build the capacity of the sector to use data science, so that charities can better understand their activities, their impact and the communities they serve, and in doing so, increase the impact they have on those communities. Over the years, DataKind UK has worked with a wide range of social sector organisations including mentorship providers, advice providers, food distributors, and charities tackling homelessness. Our volunteers have used a broad range of techniques to help these organisations from more traditional statistics, to mapping, web scraping, and natural language processing. In this session, we'll share some of these real-world examples of using data science for social good, and we'll share how you can get involved!

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Lisa is the lead data science instructor at Digital Futures, with responsibility for the design of our Data Science programme and delivery of a world-class learning experience for our engineers. Lisa has over 10 years experience in the data industry.

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Antonio is a senior data scientist at Digital Science, helping clients leverage machine learning to extract useful information from large-scale academic literature data. Prior to that, he was a senior data scientist the Wellcome Trust, responsible for developing tools to inform funding decisions and portfolio analysis. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics and has over 7 years of experience working in signal processing, data science and machine learning with organisations across the globe, such as AT&T Labs, Télécom Paristech, and Imperial College London. He is a former chapter leader for Datakind UK, a volunteer-led organisation using data science in the service of humanity, and in 2022 he was selected as an emerging leader in philanthropy by the Technology Association of Grantmakers.