PyData London 2023

John Carney

Dr John Carney is a Manchester based Data Scientist and Engineering Architect for Netacea. He also runs a consultancy, PDFTA Ltd, helping organisations deliver value from Machine Learning products. John is a founder and co-organiser of PyData Manchester. John has worked in Data for around 10 years starting with wheat genetics, moving through local authorities, eCommerce and industrial sensors, and is now working in cyber-security.

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Data work across Industries - Discussion
John Carney

This session will facilitate a discussion exploring the differences in data work between different industries, including eCommerce, Insurance, Cyber Security, and Finance.

We will discuss the challenges and opportunities of data work in each industry, as well as the skills and knowledge that data professionals may need, in order to be successful. We will cover Data Engineering and Data Science specifically, but this is an open forum for anyone to discuss data challenges in different industries.