PyData London 2023

James Powell

James Powell is the founder and lead instructor at Don’t Use This Code. He currently serves as Chairman of the NumFOCUS Board of Directors, helping to oversee the governance and sustainability of all of the major tools in the Python data analysis ecosystem (i.e., pandas, NumPy, Jupyter, Matplotlib). At NumFOCUS, he helps build global open source communities for data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts. He helps NumFOCUS run the PyData conference series and has sat on speaker selection and organizing committees for 18 conferences. James is also a prolific speaker: since 2013, he has given over seventy conference talks at over fifty Python events worldwide. In fact, he is the second most prolific speaker in the PyData and Python ecosystem.


Grouped Weighted Summary Statistics in pandas… and Other Things
James Powell

This talk is about grouped weighted summary statistics in pandas… and some other things.